Xard art of forex indicator

Xard art of forex indicator just wanna ask if the indy “! I get this question a lot too.

The indicator down below is your Basic MACD. I know in the picture it looks fancy, but still its just your Basic MACD. This is how Xard designed it and had instructed me on how to best use it and it works pretty good on the 4hr. I didn’t give this up because I thought it would be best for people who were interested to maybe figure it out and maybe come up with there own version of what MACD to use and was hopeing some one would have a good idea and improve upon it.

And plus it has slope technology that I have no permission to give away. In a way the slope incorporated in the MACD can throw you off if your not use to using it. It’s best to use as an alert of Zero cross and to give you an indication of momentum or what side of the chart to look for entry. And this can be done with any MACD. Im sure if ya’ll help one another ya’ll can come up with even better setting then the one on the picture.

For those who don’t have ‘XARD. Rsioma” indicator posted by Mrtools somewhere in this forum ! We were using this indicator as a stand in. That we haven’t found at the time. I think it can be used only as a reference.

Like only take the trade towards the red or blue, be careful. To me it is slow to change when a potential trade in the other direction comes up. These are just some quick examples. If you clock some more Chart Time you will notice other things.

And other things that you will have to learn on your own. You can even apply this kind of trading to your other setups and see how it may work out for you. Trading with the higher timeframe trend puts the odds in your favor. Also using a currency meter to detect momentum is another very powerful lesson.

Sounds like you have learned well from the master. What is your data source, what data source do you recommend? Looks like I am all set just need to find the Hi-Low indi. Or may be I did not pay attention before. If you are good and experienced traders, then you can figure it out which direction is the final move.