VENEZUELA: Neighboring Countries Dismiss Constituent Assembly Election

Several countries in the Americas dismissed the vote held Sunday in Venezuela to elect a National Constituent Assembly, promoted by President Nicol?s Maduro to modify the country’s constitution.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Colombia issued official statements saying that the results would not be recognized. The United States, Canada, and the European Union also criticized the Venezuelan government for holding the vote.

“That Constituent Assembly has a spurious origin, and therefore we will not be able to recognize its results,” said the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

“The election does not respect the will of more than seven million Venezuelan citizens who voted against it. Argentina will not recognize the results of that illegal election,” said the Argentinean Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The Peruvian government said that “this vote violates the Venezuelan Constitution and contravenes the sovereign will of the people, represented in the National Assembly,” while condemning “violent repression.”

Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said that the country “does not recognize the voting results.”

For the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, the election of the National Constituent Assembly “violates the principle of popular sovereignty and confirms the rupture of the constitutional order in Venezuela.” Chile expressed “deep disappointment” at the Venezuelan government decision to hold the elections.

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