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The biggest question on everyone’s lips: what will these coins be worth in the future? We’ve set out to ask a panel of fintech leaders for their 2018 cryptocurrency predictions, and we’ll release a new set of insights every month. Read on for 2018 cryptocurrency predictions from finder. Opinions are solely those of our panellists. What about other up-and-coming coins this year?

Check out our panellists’ comments on new coins at the end of this report. Which coins are expected to see the biggest rise this month and throughout 2018? We calculated market cap predictions using the number of coins expected to circulate by the end of the year and our panellists’ forecast of each coin’s value by the end of the year. He previously worked as a trader and mentor for global company Trade With Precision.

Adam Poulton is president of Blockchain Australia, which is associated with the government and aims for fair, equitable treatment of bitcoin. He’s also managing director of Get Paid In Bitcoin. Glier also works with Kapitalized ICO Advisory, helping early-state ventures grow. Fred Schebesta is cofounder of global personal finance comparison website finder. Fred is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, mentor, cryptocurrency advocate and regular on the startup speaker circuit.

Adrian Przelozny is CEO and founder of digital currency exchange Independent Reserve, focused on bringing a new approach to bitcoin exchanges. Przelozny also developed Airmarshal, the tech underpinning the exchange. He’s an active angel investor, startup mentor and board adviser, with a particular interest in blockchain technology and crypto assets. Alisa Gus is CEO of a blockchain gamified social market network.

Its goal is to help communities grow and stay engaged through blockchain technology. She is also a founding member of the DC Digital Economy Hub. Joerg Molt is the CEO of the Satoshi School 1-10 Mitglieder in Bavaria, Germany. He launched the Satoshi School to teach people the basics of blockchain technology and how they can benefit from the speed and efficiency of cryptocurrency. Starting out in the personal finance space, Brad has seen cryptocurrency since its takeoff. As CEO for Coinbook, Calvin Weight runs a cryptocurrency platform that can buy and sell any of the major cryptocurrency directly with cash.

He’s also a regular speaker on blockchain and crypto, with a focus on creating transparency with crypto. She has previous experience as COO of a venture-backed tech company. Rabbi Ahmed is head of trading for Bit Trade, Australia’s longest-running provider of digital currency trading services. Ahmed has a decadelong background working in trading and stockbroking roles in financial markets. An experienced technology consultant and manager specializing in blockchain technology, Joseph Raczynski helps clients innovate and become forward thinkers in their space. He also specializes in AI, cybersecurity and legal technology.