Ulukartal kapital forex peace

Let ulukartal kapital forex charts traders know if ulukartal kapital forex peace service is worth checking or should be avoided. U seem to battle to get funds released. It has taken me over a week whereas my other broker Infinox I have my funds in ulukartal forex exchange account within a 48 hour period.

The dont really respond to e-mails. I have heard a number of nightmare stories regarding transactions. Countless times my stoploss adjusted itself for me to make a loss when I’v moved my SL to BE I have all the email confirmation of adjusting my SL back to BE. And most recently I had a 50 pip trailing stop on one of my order. 23 pips and my trade got closed. I’ve been trading binary options with them since early 2016.

I haven’t had one for ages. I had one issue with misrepresentation, what I was told prior to funding my account and reality, which cost me profit but didn’t cause a loss when a trade should have been profitable. Withdrawals are processed immediately in full without any chasing. It’s usually in my account in 1-2 days and I’m talking about 8-10 5 digit withdrawal amounts far exceeding total deposits. They don’t penalise successful traders or play around. Who’s online There are currently 6 users online. Here is another understanding fractals in forex your viewers may like.