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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Charts can be interesting and all that, but you do know it goes ex-div to the tune of 30 pence today? I think the scare story has effected sentiment and the technicals, will take time to recover, I think it’s gonna continue lower for a while now, perhaps until the next trading update, all because of some lazy reporting. Still, at least we have a decent dividend for holding that should help support it once people realize it was not “slashed” at all. It go back to 31 quid today ?

They just corrected themselves with this, but has the damage already been done? If people sold they arent likely to buy back again and pay the spread. Games Workshop has reported that sales and profit growth continued in the year through June. 74m, in line with analyst forecasts. NOTE: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the dividend had been cut.

Suppose this is a realistic target for time being. GAW: Games Workshop Group PLC has lost a star, now a 2 star stock. I also mention a friend who is retired ex IT chief of Shell Oil Company who is a life long investor of many shares, ”we can definitely say retired wealthy and wise”, has sold all his shares in all companies as he sees a large USA crash coming. This share has had one hell of a ride but some analyses suggest that there may be a fair bit more headroom.

Corlis, did you dive in or do you hold already? I dont deny weakness in this share over the last few weeks. That is evident in the share price. However you calling it a dead cat bounce is just wrong. Are you even aware of the current downturn in the markets worldwide? This may or may not continue as a wider market sell off.