Trading forex on sunday

How to if we need to know the forex rate on Sat and Sunday? I have Telequote and FXCM account but it will trading forex on sunday on Saturday, Any idea?

6666: ‘Why doesnt anybody like you R_E, is it because you shout? 7 trading in the live forex market isn’t quite possible. They will begin changing BEFORE the sunday open on the charts to reflect the order flow. This gives you a good heads up on which pairs have gapped and what way. Said the Coackroach to the Dinosaur. Beware of false signals bearing gifts. I have seen the enemyand it is me.

Follow the path of least resistance. 7– just that most brokers are not. Realistically though not much happens over the weekend . 30-40 pips,pairs like eu 10 pips at least. 2009 but the spread were simply killing. Where you can learn the forex. What if the market goes the other way?