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Greatest for on the internet currency trading. Overview The stock broker is an critical particular person who will support you deal with stock trading. WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. If you tried trading with at least two Forex brokers, you may have already noticed that every Forex broker has own time zone settings for thier trading platform? Having data displayed in the right time zone is crucial for many aspects of Forex trading. If you are using automatic pivot points, they will be calculated according to your time zone and daily candles.

If you are trading daily breakouts, your breakout entry points will differ from other traders’ orders. And finally, every single indicator can behave differently. Have you ever been into a situation where, once you’ve changed a broker, your old strategy seemed to start performing worse or even failed completely? Time zone settings on majority of Forex trading platforms cannot be changed. Some brokers use this factor to their advantage. I can’t explain why they do it.

Except, probably, for those brokers who decide that platform time zone should be the same as the location of the company. I can sound overly cautious and concerned with those time zones, but it doesn’t eliminate the fact that the platform’s time zone plays a significant role in one’s trading success way to often to be completely ignored! The platform I use is the Genesis Navigator it can do literally anything you want. I do pay a fair amount in exchange fees though. Here is a site I found to be helpful in my introduction to forex markt hours.

Can’t say the same about Genesis Navigator platform though, I never tried it, but it’s easy to find out the truth by simply asking a broker. Thanks for the useful introduction of the platform. Thanks so much for this article. Sometimes, I miss an opportunity due to the different ways the candlesticks are displayed using different time offset. Where can I find more info on what major banks use? Discussion Area – Leave a Comment You must be logged in to post a comment.

Forex brokers’ tricks: Innocent ways to outsmart a client. QUICK QUIZ: Can anyone really make money in Forex? Truth in Forex: How Your Broker Really Executes Your Trade Last month we published an interview that did a lot to reveal the underbelly of the Forex industry. In short, it spelled out in plain terms how the big Forex brokers that came to the forefront after 2008 made their money, and how they grew essentially on the backs of their clients. It is an alternative to the market maker system in which a middleman passes trades between two parties. Now, by itself, there isn’t anything wrong with the broker being the counterparty. How do I get better execution on my trades and fair treatment?

The decentralised nature of the currency market makes it extremely complex. What you have, essentially, are counterparties of varying scopes and sizes trading between each other in an almost infinite web. The only differences in them are the levels of access they provide, i. The client is what makes up the entire base of the financial industry, not just the Forex market. As we illustrated in the Forex Web graphic previously, clients of all different sizes is where the web begins.

There wouldn’t be any reason for the banks to exist if some client didn’t have a reason to place a trade, whether they are trading for business purposes or for speculation. Whether the broker takes the other side of the trade or the liquidity provider does is an afterthought for the client. Excellent examples of brokerages only utilising ECN execution who failed miserably are Alpari UK and FXCM during the Swiss Franc crisis. Truth in Forex How Your Broker Really Executes Your Trade. If you can’t trust your execution, you can’t be confident in your trades. Truth about Forex Forex Lord of Darkness awakes!

These presentations are classified and categorized, so you will always find everything clearly laid out and in context. You are watching Truth in Forex: How Your Broker Really Executes Your Trade presentation right now. We are staying up to date! 1 pip, and slippage depends on brokers. For slippage, let’s choose a popular broker, say FXCM UK. Based on the slippage stats of for333, FXCM UK slippage is approximately 1 pip. This theoretical estimation coincides with our real experiences.

For example, the signal provider cut his loss at 50 pips but our client suffered a total loss of 52 pips. Let’s return to the case of for333 and study it on a bigger scale: monthly return. Through a simple analysis, we find that for333 makes an average of 40 trades per month. This article is brought to you by www.

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