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It’s Okay To Constructively Criticize Russia, Even President Putin Does It! Russia’s publicly financed media outlets like Strategii forex russian sufficient in this task either. It is high time we take a number of tough decisions that are long overdue. We need to get rid of anything that stands in the way of our development and prevents people from fully unleashing their potential.

Russia has been holding off on doing what’s needed for far too long, and it can’t afford another moment to needlessly waste. It is not a question of someone conquering or devastating our land. The main threat and our main enemy is the fact that we are falling behind. Quite often, this destructive process goes unnoticed by the body. External enemies are no longer Russia’s main threat because they’ll be kept at bay by the nation’s military and its recently unveiled hypersonic weaponry that restored the global strategic balance. Instead, the chief threat to the country is its lack of development.