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Accounts Type Choose the account type that is right for you. Mini A mini Forex currency account operates on a scale of one tenth the amount of currency start white label forex brokerage for a standard account. For instance, a lot on a mini Forex currency trading account would be only 10,000 units of whatever currency is being traded.

VIP Your special needs demand individual attention and a level of expertise that discount brokers and traders just do not possess. Your considerable assets may mean that you are more open to speculation and risk. Along with active trading platforms, Delta FX provides a rich set of resources. Deltafx Broker Delta Fx is an international brokerage firm offering individuals and businesses a complete complex of trade in the international foreign exchange market and opportunities for contracts on the price margin on stocks, precious metals and commodity and energy prices make futures. 2005-2018 – All Rights Reserved – Deltafx. A global leader in online trading GAIN Capital was founded in 1999 with a clear mission: to provide traders with low cost access to foreign exchange markets.

Our businesses include global CFD and FX brands FOREX. North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Strong regulatory protection GAIN Capital and its subsidiaries are regulated in 9 jurisdictions worldwide. Financial strength and transparency As a global, publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, we meet the highest standard of corporate governance, financial reporting and disclosure.