Saxo bank forex commissions and fees

Ask or enter a search term here. Can I be logged into my account on more than one platform simultaneously? Can I upload my own custom charts to your platforms? How do I change the default trade saxo bank forex commissions and fees shown in the trade ticket?

Can I place IPO orders for a newly issued stock? How many accounts can I have with Saxo? How do I unsubscribe from email notifications? How long does it take to close my account? What are the fees for having an account with Saxo? In which currencies is possible to open an account?

Can I open an account with Saxo as a US resident? Do I need to provide a translation of the documents for the account opening? How long does it take to open an account? Where can I find my personal IBAN number? How long does it take to book funds to my account? How can I get a tax reclaim? How can I generate an account statement?

How do I read the Financial Statement? When are dividends in extra shares credited to my account? How can I request the addition of an instrument? Can bonds be used as collateral for margin trading? What are the withholding taxes for dividends? How do I access real-time market news? Does Saxo offer a Financial Calendar?