Pembayaran balik ptptn melalui maybank2u forex

Ini satu topik yang agak menarik juga untuk dibincangkan, memandangkan sekarang ni bank-bank berlumba-lumba mempromosikan skim pinjaman ASB ni. PNB, mereka turut mempromosikan skim ini. Secara peribadi saya juga sering didekati oleh staf pembayaran balik ptptn melalui maybank2u forex yang mempromosikan skim, tetapi saya telahpun nekad untuk tidak akan terpedaya dengan skim ini.

ASB, properties, business, Bank Rakyat shares, etc. Let me answer the question in real world terms. This strategy is a regular occurrence in business. Entrepreneurs borrow money from the bank to finance their expansion. They conquer the world, repay the loan and make tons of money. And that is always a good thing. Now this concept of borrowing money to make more money works a treat for businesses as the margins are wide.

30, 50 or even 100 percent return on their investment. Further, because of the wide margins, even when the returns drop, the businesses still make loads of money. Now you can see why this concept is made-to-order for businesses. However, the same does not apply when it comes to investments such as shares or unit trusts.

You would dowell taking the loan and making the investment. However, what usually happens is that the return starts to drop off. By the way, this is what happened to the fabulous ASB. The way things are going, the return could very well drop below the interest charged! And this is not an unusual thing.