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Look at all openocd download binary option files and features How can it be a tiny OS? Do you want to talk about NuttX features? What is the current development status? What target platforms has NuttX been ported to?

What kinds of host cross-development platforms can be used with NuttX? Are there any licensing restrictions for the use of NuttX? Will there be problems if I link my proprietary code with NuttX? Release Notes What has changed in the last release of NuttX?

What has changed in previous releases of NuttX? Software is never finished nor ever tested well enough. Do you want to help develop NuttX? What other NuttX documentation is available?

Some of the words used in this document belong to other people. Usable in all but the tightest micro-controller environments, The focus is on the tiny-to-small, deeply embedded environment. The goal is to provide implementations of most standard POSIX OS interfaces to support a rich, multi-threaded development environment for deeply embedded processors. NON-GOALS: It is not a goal to provide the level of OS features like those provided by Linux.

In order to work with smaller MCUs, small footprint must be more important than an extensive feature set. But standard compliance is more important than small footprint. Surely a smaller RTOS could be produced by ignoring standards. Think of NuttX is a tiny Linux work-alike with a much reduced feature set. Scalability with rich feature set is accomplished with: Many tiny source files, link from static libraries, highly configurable, use of weak symbols when available. NuttX strives to achieve a high degree of standards compliance. The primary governing standards are POSIX and ANSI standards.

Compatible GNU toolchains based on buildroot available for download to provide a complete development environment for many architectures. Easily extensible to new processor architectures, SoC architecture, or board architectures. May be built either as an open, flat embedded RTOS or as a separately built, secure, monolithic kernel with a system call interface. Well documented in the NuttX User Guide. Bind mountpoint, filesystem, and block device driver. 32 filesystem support with optional FAT long file name support1. The tiny NuttX wear-leveling FLASH file system.

FLASH file system from Ken Pettit. Union filesystem – Supports combining and overlaying file systems. UserFS – User application file system. NXFLAT is a binary format that can be XIP from a file system. 1 FAT long file name support may be subject to certain Microsoft patent restrictions if enabled. See the top-level COPYING file for details. Supports character and block drivers as well as specialized driver interfaces.