Netting in forex trades

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Show me a steadily increasing equity curve and there is almost certainly a low-frequency trading approach behind it. Show me a steadily declining equity curve and there is probably a much higher-frequency of trading taking place behind it. Today’s lesson, whilst using hypothetical examples, is very, very real in its theory and the concepts taught. I am going to show you my trading style and take you through a mock example 3-month trading routine that looks very similar to my personal trading routine on a month-to-month bias. My entire trading philosophy as well as my life’s philosophy is that less is usually more, simple is better, I consider myself a minimalist especially regarding trading.

There are some very good reasons why I do this. What this means, is that I prefer to take a low-frequency trading approach because the reality is that it’s what works. You do NOT need to trade a lot to make a lot of money. You do NOT need to win a super high percentage of your trades to make a lot of money. Once you understand the two above points, it will begin to change how you think about trading. How is this done, you ask?

3 months of my trading routine. These aren’t actual trades I took, but the charts you see ARE good examples of high-probability price action signals that I teach in my courses and that you can and should learn how to trade. You will notice in the spreadsheet below that 4 trades were taken in approximately one month of time. Notice that there were 2 losing trades and 2 winners, but the winners were both 2R, meaning 2 times risk, so a 2 to 1 risk reward. The result was a positive 2R profit. 1000 in profit for this month, not bad for only entering 4 trades which would require VERY little time investment on your part.

The first winner in the above spreadsheet was a nice pin bar sell signal at a key resistance level, as seen below. This trade went on to make 2R. Notice however, it took 2 to 3 weeks to play out from entry to exit. You must have patience to trade this way, that’s why I always say patience is what makes you money in trading.

The second winner was also a nice 2R profit. Starting from a bullish tailed reversal bar that formed after a pull back to support, as seen in the chart below. Keep in mind, this is hypothetical. Notice that there were 2 losing trades and 2 winners, but the winners 3R and 1R, meaning 3 times risk and 1times risk. P500 within the recent runaway trend this market was in just before all the recent volatility set in. The next winning trade in this month period was an inside bar breakout play. Notice that there were 2 losing trades and 2 winners, but the winners were both 2R meaning 2 times risk, for a total of 4R profit.