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0 monthly fees on your bank account? By signing up, you agree to the Finder privacy policy. Read this maybank2u forex calculators to learn the best ways of accessing the Cambodian Riel and tips for managing your travel money.

You can pay for goods and services in Cambodia using KHR, USD or a combination of the two. Don’t bother getting your money changed to riel when you arrive in Cambodia, as you will get riel as small change when you pay with US Dollars. A dual currency system gives you more travel money options than other countries in Southeast Asia. Like most countries in the region, cash speaks loudest.

The best travel money strategy for Cambodia will give you a convenient way to get cash at a good price. Here we look at the different travel money options for Cambodia and the best ways to spend and save. Which option is right for your next trip? No foreign transaction fees on international purchases including international purchases online, together with a no annual fee. 1,000 a month and make at least 5 card purchases. 0 foreign transaction fee and complimentary travel insurance.

Complimentary travel insurance, transport accident insurance, purchase protection insurance and more when you meet eligibility criteria. No foreign ATM or transaction fees. Enjoy no minimum ongoing balance or transaction requirements and the flexibility to hold up to 10 currencies. Hold up to 10 currencies and lock in your exchange rate.

No load, reload or transaction fees on purchases and part of a worldwide ATM alliance. Load up and lock in up to 10 currencies and benefit from no fees for reloading funds. Comes with a secondary card for added security. THE PRUDENT INVESTOR: Find a hidden gem? Can my wife claim some of her late ex’s pension? I set to slash more deals?