Long short dalam forex exchange

Redistribution Notice: Kitco charts may be reproduced and redistributed in any print or electronic form provided that “www. Among the steel long short dalam forex exchange, only lionind is in Net cash position, others such as Annjoo, masteel, ssteel all have relative high level of borrowing and gearing.

In additional, lionind associate, parkson after series of business transformation, is now is its profit contributor rather than loss making dragging its earning. Future lionind is getting brighter and on expansion mode and earning growth. It is expect to deliver better EPS these year if compared to last year due to restart production on its 2 steel mill in Banting and pasir Gudang. Labuan which converts iron ore into high-purity Direct Reduced Iron. HBI is use as substitute to reduce the dependence on scrap as raw material for steel making and enable the production of high quality steel.

Flat steel, hot rolled and cold rolled coils. HRC and CRC in effort to expand steel product offering and to capitalize on current bullish price trend in HRC in global market. On track in future to establish integrated Blast Furnace project with a capacity of 3. 37 million tonnes capable to use raw material, iron ore which will replace scrap as the feedstock which enables it to produce high quality steel with significantly higher production yield and energy savings. Companies Act, 1965 restraining any action by creditors pending the outcome of the restructuring scheme. CDRC was set up by Bank Negara to provide a platform for corporate borrowers and their creditors to work out amicable resolutions to resolve their debt obligations. Megasteel is debt laiden, nil cash, it is insolvency and now under legal court protection.

The creditor, lionind, in which megasteel owe RM700m to lionind, have proposed these scheme to buy megasteel asset ONLy which have NET book value RM 1. 83billion, at bargain discount price for RM 538m and megasteel have to compromise in order to settle its debt obligation. Lionind is NOT buying megasteel company, therefore, will NOT assume Megastseel company liability. Megasteel assets worth net book value RM 1.

83 billion, sell to Lionind for just RM 538m and payment is base on deffer basis, The Lion Industries group is expected to pay ONLY RM132. 16mil within 14 days from the date of lodgement of the court order for the Megasteel debt settlement scheme and the remaining payment shall be paid on a deferred basis. This is a ring fence payment scheme arrangement to eventually allow megasteel to become just shelf company, only use it to received cash payment from lionind on deffer basis and later use such cash to staggering settle debt owe to lionind, allowing it to recover back previous impairment provision. Q: As reported on page 119 of the Annual Report 2017, the Group has trade receivables due from the following two major relatedparties, Megasteel and Lion DRI which have been fully impaired in the previous year. The amount due is approximately RM700 million in the book.