Lichello forex news

Welcome to the AIM Users Bulletin Board. This is the thread to post your thoughts, questions and comments on the use of Robert Lichello’s Automatic Investment Management for handling the risk of being involved in the Equities markets. It is ideally suited to those seeking long term investment growth while managing the risk of being invested. This “one size fits lichello forex news” approach is like a broken watch that shows the correct time twice a day but is wrong the rest of the time!

Minstrlman, a regular contributor here, has been gathering data from Value Line and formed a highly capable risk-cash indicator for our use. As an adjunct to the AIM methodology we now have a Cash Indicator which helps guide our starting and ongoing Cash Reserve level of AIM relative to measured market risk. It can be used as a general market barometer or specifically with the AIM method. Significant historical events are shown nicely here and the v-Wave’s response at those times. The data¬†are a work-in-progress for now. Thanks LC, Now they can use the “calculator” again! This is a copy of www.