Latest intraday afl for amibroker forex

To identify a Trend Reversal in a trading strategy is a big query for every trader. Trend Reversal if caught at a good timing can be really fruitful to profit from the stock price moves. Latest intraday afl for amibroker forex are various methods followed by traders to identify Trend Reversal of a scrip or stock.

In Amibroker an AFL is being used which identifies Trend Reversal. The AFL seems quite interesting but one should always make it sure that before using any system it should be tested. So a good strategy to test it manually can be a Bar Replay function in Amibroker for getting acquainted. Then using the AFL in real time and paper trading through it.

If the results are good then only tend to use the Amibroker afl for real trading purpose. The AFL being posted here is on as is basis as written by the author of the AFL. You should not take it as an advice to base your trade decisions on the same. Trading decisions should be purely done on one’s own initiative. Earlier I posted a Trend Reversal AFL system based on Heiken Ashi Candles.

Although the AFL had results but it was printing too many signals and was also looking into the future which meant that during backtesting it could give good results but when one uses it real time it might repaint the signals with the change of indicator readings. Therefore I thought of sharing a better Trend Reversal catching AFL where the visual effect has good efficacy. Thank you for the wonderful indicators. Is there an article on how to use this indicator?

This particular indicator is to help to identify the Trend which is ongoing. The Red Candles below the RED Stop line signify that the trend is currently down. The Green Candles above the BLUE Stop line shows that the Trend is Up. So you can identify the trend visually and also have an alert when the trend changes. Do make sure that you do not base your trades only on the signals generated through this AFL because of the fact that as with many other indicators this AFL can also give several false signals during sideways market. Do put your analysis behind the use of this indicator. Thank you for the prompt response.

Just a couple of more questions, on the chart I also see red and green horizontal lines, a small blue triangle, blue circle, yellow arrow and a green arrow. May I request you to suggest the significance of these objects please. Sell as generated during price action. The conditions for each signal may be different and when simultaneous signals generated then all the shapes appear.

Red Line is the Fixed Stop Line . Also these lines are showing the range of the move. But please note that this AFL looks into the future and therefore it would repaint the signal. So basically do not base your trades on this AFL in Live Trading as those can go wrong. If you are easy with coding then you can study the whole code and you will get the required clues of various conditions.