Heiken ashi smoothed v2 indicator forex

Gator Oscillator helps to visualise the periods when Alligator Indicator lines widen or narrow down. The Gator Oscillator histogram above zero shows the absolute heiken ashi smoothed v2 indicator forex between blue and red lines of Alligator indicator, while histogram below zero shows the absolute difference between red and green lines. There are green and red bars on the Gator Oscillator histograms. A green bar appears when its value is higher than the value of the previous bar.

A red bars appears when its value is lower than the value of the previous bar. Gator Oscillator helps to better visualize the upcoming changes in the trends: to know when Alligator sleeps, eats, fills out and is about to go to sleep. By default, Gator oscillator is set with a slight shift forward when displaying oscillator bars. Yep that 000 shift mod works v well. At last I found out what GATOR is and how it is to be interpreted. Thanx for your honest efforts in explaining. When this method is traded very accurate, this system kann makes you a Millionair in a very very short time.

You can trade the signals if you understand they good with 50 Lot and More if Possible , because the signals are accurate 99. Millionairs will be made only with this system in a short time. No system is like Gator system. The Gator system is one of the most strongest and Secret Systems between Professional wall street and Bank Traders.