Hedge binary option

Dynamically hedge your options trades with underlying hedge binary option based on your specified volatility price or automatically hedge executed options positions by immediately sending out designated hedges in the underlier or other products. Vol Trader: Provides the ability to trade an option while hedging with its underlying product based on market volatility. Volatility chart viewer: Compare implied vs.

Vega Trader: Efficiently put on or take off volatility positions. Define a target vega amount for a specific underlier and load up to 40 different strikes. Spread Viewer: Define and track multi-leg spreads. Spread Book: Display resting spread orders from various exchanges. WEX’s programming API provides software developers a framework to develop feature rich applications that can leverage our mature and robust proprietary trading platform.

From order placement and position management to crafting complex trading strategies, the WEX API provides the tools you need to get the job done. Quickly route, adjust and reload lists of securities while easily managing multiple baskets. Create, view, update, and monitor your baskets from a single screen. Easily import and export from excel and other applications. Eliminate the need to manage multiple systems or re-key trade data with applets that can help you better manage risk and meet your compliance needs. Staged Order Ticket: Introduce orders to WTP with the intention to trade. Attach new orders to the same symbol and reduce order amounts.

Position Allocator: Redistribute positions across various accounts. Position grid: Display orders from a portfolio, account, or firm. Real-time intelligence tools give you the market data and news you need to keep you informed and guide trading decisions. Analytical applets help you categorize and evaluate current positions and initiate trades. Equity Time and Sales: Tick-by-tick details and the ability to view advanced trade analytics on one or more underliers. Option Sector Viewer: View exchange-traded print volume and analytics.

Chart Viewer: Visualize price and volatility data. Utilize the standard order ticket or view quotes and trade with one click in the equity and option quote cubes. Option Quote Cube: Integrated market data viewer for all asset classes. Spread, Crossing, Algorithm, and Standard Order Tickets: Fully customizable tickets support advanced and basic order types for equities, options and futures.