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Everyone wants the best credit card ever available in India, but what’s best for me hdfc forex plus card online not be best for you. This is because where we spend, how much we spend and how much joining fee we’re willing to pay varies between you and me. However, this article covers anything and everything that you would ever need to make the most out of your credit cards. If you’re very new to credit cards or if you’re wondering what are the basic benefits of holding a credit card, you must first check out 7 Reasons Why You Should have a Credit Card in India.

Others, lets begin with the list. The Most Famous All Rounders If you’ve a very high income or looking for a super premium credit card, you can find them at the end of the article. Now lets first look at the ones that are more popular, easy to get and common among the credit card holders in India. 1 SBI Card Prime SBICard recently launched a new credit card in 2017 which is my favorite pick of the year. If you’re looking for a single card that serves all purpose, its SBI Prime Credit card. Its a power packed credit card with a lot of features stuffed inside. From milestone benefit to lounge access, SBI Card prime has everything you need under single roof and that too with a renewal fee waiver of 3L spend.

Yesbank entered Credit cards space in 2016 and they’re growing super fast. Their recent promotional offers are good enough to consider holding one of their credit cards. 3 SBI Elite Credit Card If you’re looking for a best credit card with the ability to redeem reward points for cashback, this card will fit in perfectly. It suits best for high spenders and your annual fee gets waived off on 10L spend. Yes, it comes with a high joining fee, though you can get a waiver on a 10L spend per year.

Even if you don’t spend that much, you get the value back through bookmyshow vouchers. 4 HDFC Regalia Credit Card: It’s HDFC’s flagship credit card and had its name and fame for many years, but now after a huge devaluation, it has lost its position big time. I’ve been using it for more than 2 years, accumulated a lot of reward points and used them to book FREE flight tickets for my recent trip to Vietnam. If you find it tough to get approved, apply for Regalia First and then upgrade it to the Original Regalia after 6 months. 5 HDFC Diners Premium Credit Card If you’re more of a traveler and online shopper, HDFC Diners Premium Credit card will help you save quite a lot with its 10X Reward Points and complimentary lounge access in India. 6 SBI Simply Click Credit Card If you spend more online and happy to redeem your reward points for Amazon Vouchers, this is the card for you.

Also you get 2X returns when you spend with partner websites. 7 Amex Gold Charge Card You MUST have atleast one of the Amex cards in your pocket and Amex Gold charge card can be a best fit for that reason. This is because Amex is very aggressive and active in running offers with various merchants, especially related to travel and during festive season. Note that its a charge card and hence you can’t buy things on EMI, for which you might consider the MRCC card. Do you know, with Amex Gold charge card, you can start with 1 Lakh internal credit limit and go as high as 8 Lakhs in just 6 months. Best when spends are made on weekends.

Go for it if you’ve a lot of Utility spends, if not skip it as it does have a joining fee that you can’t escape from. 9 Standard Chartered Manhattan Are you a Family man Looking for cashback on groceries and departmental store spends? Standard Chartered also has good cashback offers with Uber which makes this card stand apart. Having this card is one of the best ways to save on your Uber expenses. 10 ICICI Coral Credit Card In earlier days its famous for the Bookmyshow Buy 1 Get 1 offer, however these days its very tough to get it due to the limited availability. Apart from that, its very useful for Lounge access. Make sure to grab the Mastercard variant for lounge access.

So you don’t need to deal with reward points and all that stuff. Good for beginners and as like Amex cards, Citi also runs travel offers quite often for which this card will be very useful. Alright, these are the cards most of the Indians are having in their wallet. Its upto you to choose which one you need based on what benefits you’re looking for.

3L and for anything more than that, i invite you to the super premium credit card segment. Got a high income or have credit card spends more than 3 Lakhs in a year? You’re supposed to have one or more of these super premium credit cards in your wallet. I hope that helps you find the best credit cards you would ever want. Do share your views in comments below. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

For Regalia card, I suppose domestic lounge access facility removed and for diners club there is an unlimited one plus one movie ticket to PVR movies. I’ll get this thing updated for other cards shortly. I think the ICICI card review is incorrectly linked to the Standard Chartered card review. Just upgrade Diners premium to Black, which could save you a lot on your honeymoon travel. What is the difference in getting the regular Amex and the Yes Bank affiliated Amex cards?