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Reference identifier used with CANCEL and REPLACE transaction types. Calculated average price of all fills on this order. Identifies beginning of new message and protocol version. Uniqueness must be guaranteed within a single trading day. Absence of this field is interpreted as the default for the security. It is recommended that systems provide the currency value whenever possible.

Message sequence number of last message in range to be resent. Instructions for order handling on exchange trading floor. If more than one instruction is applicable to an order, this field can contain multiple instructions separated by space. Reference identifier used with Trade Cancel and Trade Correct execution types.

Reference identifier used with CANCEL and REPLACE, transaction types. This represents the number of shares for equities or par, face or nominal value for FI instruments. Assigned value used to identify firm sending message. Common, “human understood” representation of the security.

Assigned value used to identify receiving firm. Assigned value used to identify specific individual or unit intended to receive message. ADMIN” reserved for administrative messages not intended for a specific user. Specifies how long the order remains in effect.

Absence of this field is interpreted as DAY. NOTE not applicable to CIV Orders. Unique identifier for list as assigned by institution, used to associate multiple individual orders. 2 of 25, 3 of 25, . Total number of list order entries across all messages. Free format text message containing list handling and execution instructions. Indicates number of orders to be combined for average pricing and allocation.

Indicates number of decimal places to be used for average pricing. Indicates date of trade referenced in this message in YYYYMMDD format. Indicates whether the resulting position after a trade should be an opening position or closing position. Used for omnibus accounting – where accounts are held on a gross basis instead of being netted together.