Fxoptimax forex market

Please remove all references to this fxoptimax forex market. Something extraordinary cannot be done well by the usual way, or ordinary ways. When we do something similar with many people, it means we’re doing something as usual.

Because, they are doing the same thing. Because most traders still want to use the technical equipment that makes sense to them. Unfortunately, the markets often does not make sense and indeed something extraordinary. Something extraordinary can not be done by ordinary means. So, the traders should prefer not to use the tools that lagging or repainting in their chart. SR levels in A2SR were not being made in the usual way. A2SR will auto select the SR level according to your trading style.

Even though you are changing the time frame but the SR level will remain on its position. Because the actual SR is not obtained from the time frame you use. Are you still using the ordinary ways that the same with most people doing ? 1 for education below would be hidden as necessary because of its privacy. We should not expect large profit and no need to open trade each day. We must expect to have best position when opening the trade.