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Little Manilas are enclaves of Overseas Filipinos consisting of people of Filipino origin living outside of the Philippines. According to Rick Bonus, author of Locating Filipino Americans: Ethnicity forex umac canada the Cultural Politics of Space, “Filipinos only deal with Filipinos. The author means that in a Filipino society is very “tightly bound” and tend to only purchase Filipino products only from known Filipino grocery stores, even though the same products may be available at more mainstream retailers.

Many Filipinos who grow up in a Filipino enclave experience a yearning only for Filipino food. For example, one author stated that ” my stomach was trained at an early age to love Filipino food. Sterngass further states that education is a priority in this culture as well. California, by far the largest number in the United States. Historic Filipinotown is a district of Los Angeles, California, located between the neighborhoods of Westlake and Echo Park. The district’s boundaries are defined by the 101 Freeway to the north, Beverly Boulevard to the south, Hoover Street to the west, and Glendale Boulevard to the east, northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Historic Filipinotown is one of the few areas where Filipinos first settled in Los Angeles during the early part of the 20th century.

Many Filipino American families began purchasing homes and establishing businesses in the area beginning from the 1940s, shifting away from the Little Tokyo area in the 1920s and the Bunker Hill area later. The Historic Filipinotown Chamber of Commerce leads the effort for commercial expansion in the area. People’s CORE, Filipino American Service Group, Inc. Stockton in the northern San Joaquin Valley is home to a historic Filipino population that dates back to the 1930s. As of 2010, Filipinos made up 7.