Forex turkiye

The single biggest advantage the forex market has over other markets is its 24-hour nature. A trader can put on forex turkiye take off positions literally any time of day or night, regardless of their base of operations.

That opens the game up to a great many individuals who might not otherwise have the time available to trade. Consider, for example, the working person with a 9 to 5 type of job. Most folks like that cannot be expected to operate effectively as day traders in a market such as stocks. They just can’t spend the requisite time watching the market during trading hours.

With forex, though, one could theoretically day trade in the evenings after work, or in the mornings beforehand. For most traders, the forex market also offers the benefit of no transaction costs. Forex trading is also open to a wider trading demographic in that there are many opportunities to open smaller accounts than is the case in other markets. In fact, there is at least one broker which has no minimum account size. What’s more, they also have no minimum trade size.