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See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. RE: Hello, what’s going on here t. Hello, what’s going on here t. Significant investment by Vp, resulting in revenue and profit growth. Great track record, giving confidence in future performance.

Challenge integrating Brandon to impact over next year, but nothing suggests they will struggle with this. Would love to have same confidence in the Speedy growth story – where’s the strategy? 14m of the uk revenue growth was from acquisition. Not got to notes yet, but nothing in FD review talking about impact on revenue and profit. 6m integration costs into exceptional, but no word on contribution to overall profit.

Lots of explanation around last years disposal adjustment to show growth in revenue, but no backing out the revenue they bought in the year. Only comment on uk like for like is that it was positive. Growth is anemic compared to better performing end of peer group. Chairman stepping down – perhaps he doesn’t feel there’s much left in the tank. Net debt is nice and low – less than 1x EBITDA. How about some accelerated returns to shareholders to get that cost of capital down! Would like more detail on difference between adjusted profit and profit before tax.

Seems to be all over the trade rags and social media. Also, unless I’ve missed something, there has been no mention of PACS, a large customer that Speedy acquired when they got into financial difficulty early last year. No mention of like for like? Acquisitions in year and Lloyds British full year effect from prior year? Loss of Carillion should be in like for like, acquisitions not. Is ROCE being generated by short term sweating of assets dressed up as efficiency? The improvement in utillisation suggests that the company is successfully execting its strategy to optimise fleet and improve the underlying performance of its core rental business.