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She began her career in 1981, upon graduation from college. Ironically, after spending four years studying the English language, she began working at a job that required her to speak Bureaucrat. Terri was born in New York City. Her parents did exactly what they were supposed to do forex trading tips of the day humor the fifties.

As soon as they had a baby, they moved to Long Island. Moving an hour and a half from the city worked out so well for them, they decided to move across the entire country to California a few years later. When Terri retired, she and the love of her life vowed to fulfill their secret desire to live in a space bigger than a breadbox without having to print their own money to pay for it. In the blog she documents her journey as she navigates the many changes retirement can bring. She also recently published a book under the name Dorry Curran, the name by which she is known in real life.

You can order her book, Changing My Mind: Reinventing Myself In Retirement, on amazon. You can also purchase the book by visiting her direct to reader sales site . Most people fantasize about living their dreams in retirement. Irwin Lengel is a retired Underwriting Manager from Lakeland, Florida. He and his wife Dolly have recently become snowbirds of a sort, traveling to Honesdale, PA for the summer to spend time with one of their sons and be able to visit brothers, sisters, and cousins in Reading, PA where both he and his wife were born. They enjoy traveling, line dancing, cruising, and spending time with friends and family.

A great day or night for them is to be line dancing somewhere. Irwin has written one book so far, Love, Marriage, Retirement, and Gratitude and is working on another one. You can also reach Irwin via email. Did you ever believe retirement could be so much fun?

It is hard to believe that we will be retired 22 years this coming December. In the beginning we were a bit skeptical about how we would survive. Karen van der Zee grew up in the Netherlands and married an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya. She has cooked, shopped, mothered, traveled and written romance novels in Africa, Asia, Europe, the US and the Middle East. She has seen her Palestinian butcher’s bedroom in Ramallah, dined on fertility goat sausage in Kenya, and almost ended up in a bush jail in Uganda. Karen is the author of 34 romance novels. You can also reach her via email.

How to live a simpler life? In a place with good food and wine and lots of sunshine? We are globetrotters, my man and I. I am recent retiree in Thailand. I retired to Thailand last year with my wife Mari-Ann. We chose Thailand because of the weather, people, traditions and cost of living.

I retired after 32 years of active and reserve military service along with 21 years with IBM. I published my first book, “IS GOAT BEEF? We have two French Bulldogs and two cats. All together we are living the dream! You can reach me via email.