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ROCK into search box and I get the page. ROCK either, type it in and all manner of weird companies show up. PML is no longer the ticker – that too has been changed to ROCK. Type ROCK into search bar and you will see the RNS.

And yet I can’t see the rns. Company’s Annual General Meeting held on 18 June 2018, the Company’s name has now been changed to Rockfire Resources plc. The change of name will be effective on AIM from 8. 00am on 21 June 2018 and the Company’s new TIDM code will be “ROCK” from this time. Just a quick summary posted in a Tweet regarding Lighthouse Project, of which one part sandwiches Mt Leyshon former operating gold mine. Even now, many mining projects underestimate site aftercare liabilities by 2-3x times in financial models. Rewind a couple of decades and miners were hopeless in budgeting for post operation environmental remediation.

Mines literally get handed over for nothing when realisation sets in at the point of closure. I was in PML with a few regulars back in May last year and the same behaviour. Regardless of how many buys rolled in, the sells kept appearing. I joined a Mining Journal webcast today and asked a couple questions. One was answered by a senior at Edison Investment Research who backed up and confirmed my observations that MMs and Brokers short and abuse junior mining stocks.

Armed with this knowledge, PIs can enter this game more informed and so to can companies. The Board here need only deliver on the first para to cause a major re-rate. Buy quote price increases v quickly if you buy even modest amounts. AGM and tweeted moments ago looking to add more.

I am certainly no expert and hold in this stock but surely someone is selling 500k chunks to cover the buys? Happy to keep learning and have my theories examined hence why I am posting. Am confused why there have been no holdings RNSs to cover the frequent 500k sells. I will be handing over nothing.