Forex trading in india basics of computer

However, times have changed with liquidity providers replacing bank dealers and the main source of forex pricing, forex trading in india basics of computer the market without true market makers. May rules out any notion of a “hard border” between the rest of the UK and Northern Ireland. The story here is not the interview.

The story is HOW, WHEN and IF the Trump statements impact the Fed, other governments and the markets. My view is this is not over. When trading forex, you will do best to leave your political views at the door. My initial response to the Trump comments was that he “misspoke”, but now I think I can see what he was up to. He is looking ahead to November elections. He wants a strong economy and strong stock prices when there is voting underway. Recall the Mnuchin “currency gaffe” earlier this year.

Well I think Mnuchin just took the fall for a similar situation. Notice China and India both intervened in support of their currencies today. The big question is Powell and the Fed. Lets see how Powell responds to the Trump pressure in the next week or so. As I said initially, mine is not a political post, to get by in this business you will always do better to leave your political opinions at home and deal with things as they are not as you might wish they were. Gold at the gate of the abyss. A contrarian trader, can expect a retest of 1250 B4 resumption of price decline.

A 1210-support breach means an openning to a further big fall, which means a stronger USD to the dismay of Trump, and maybe other businesses in exports. China banks seen buying Yuan after its fall to 1y low. Dollar sags after Trump shows displeasure towards Fed hikes. Trump sees huge business opportunities in Russia . Russia should be Europe s natural trading partner but USA denies us access to the Russian market . Russia is our partner , not our enemy . Fed governor Bullard, one of the most dovish, non-voting, FOMC members.