Forex trading daily routine

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They can sometimes take years to form. However, luckily for you, you have the power to put into motion a plan that will bring forth the proper trading habits sooner than otherwise possible. The development of positive habits, the ones that lead to success in any field, is something you can make a conscious effort to achieve simply by implementing consistent daily routines. When you think about your daily trading routine, what do you think about? They follow these plans and routines like clock-work, everything from diet, exercise, sleep and meditation. Look at the lives of famously gifted and creative people—including Freud, Beethoven, and Georgia O’Keeffe, to name but a few—and you’ll see that many of them optimized their daily lives to get on top of their games.

Let me get this out of the way early: Without a daily trading routine, you won’t make it. Identify key horizontal support and resistance levels at week’s start. Check your favorite markets once again after the New York close, again scanning for any obvious price action signals that may have formed. If a trade setup formed meets your trading plan criteria, set the trade up and walk away until tomorrow morning. If no setup was there, walk away until tomorrow morning. How time consuming is Forex trading? Discipline – Why You Don’t Have It.

Setting Profit Goals: in Pips or Percentage Gain per Day? All of my trading is based on fundamental analysis, which means that I enter new positions based on what has happened in the financial news and any significant economic indicators that have been released. There is a strong element of sentiment analysis in my trading. In essence, sentiment is the reason why the current market moves are happening.