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Set up an online Virtual Portfolio. See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. There is currently no data for Amec. Colin R Day held the position of Non-Executive Director at Amec at the time of this trade. I have been observing the SP recently and note that one brokers note ,for which they are repeating to show sell, seem to be upsetting the SP while other recent brokers notes are more positive.

Surely AMEC are more robust than this or am I missing something. I was not expecting such a fall today with AMEC but will be holding to next year. Setup a personalised Watchlist and Virtual Portfolio. View more Trades, Directors’ Deals, and Broker Ratings. Datafeed and UK data supplied by NBTrader and Digital Look.

All information is provided free of charge, ‘as-is’, and you use it at your own risk. The contents of all ‘Chat’ messages should not be construed as advice and represent the opinions of the authors, not those of London South East Limited, or its affiliates. London South East does not authorise or approve this content, and reserves the right to remove items at its discretion. Japanese term for a sexual complex where an adult is attracted to an underage boy, or in which two underage boys are attracted to one another. In the Western world, it refers specifically to artwork or manga depicting pre-pubescent or pubescent boys in sexual situations. Though shotacon typically features relationships between two boys of the same age or between boys and men, a related but less common genre is straight shotacon. Straight shotacon features young boys, but includes women or girls as pairs for them.

In anime, straight shotacon themes are far more common than homosexual ones. Many prominent series, notably FLCL, Negima! Pitaten, include scenes where older women press themselves on boys. Like lolicon, shotacon often depicts children in sexual situations with adults. While the shotacon community argues that drawn art is protected under freedom of speech, critics claim shotacon is a direct offshoot of child pornography and may lead to child sexual abuse, though there is no evidence or documented cases to back this claim. Shotacon has dubious legality in most parts of the world.

The sale of shotacon is outlawed and punishable by imprisonment in some regions of Japan, but is legal in others. The United States PROTECT act of 2003 prohibited obscene or sexual drawings of children, while the Supreme Court in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition ruled that such legislation is unconstitutional. In the anime and manga series, Shōtarō is a bold, self-assertive young detective who frequently outwits adult adversaries and helps to solve cases.

Throughout the series, Shōtarō develops close adult friends, and acts within the adult would despite being a young boy. His bishounen cute embodied and formed the term “shotacon”, putting a name to an old sexual subculture. Where the shotacon concept developed is hard to pinpoint, but some of its earliest roots are in readers responses to detective series written by Edogawa Rampo. However I am encountering troubles with your RSS. I don’t understand the reason why I am unable to join it.