Forex trading affecting our eyes

The numbers are beginning to stack up for ADS Securities. Managing director Philippe Ghanem explains why the start-up brokerage has the edge on the world’s biggest players. Success forex trading affecting our eyes the cherry on the cake, but you have to protect your business. No-one could accuse Ghanem of shirking his responsibilities.

He is managing director and vice chairman of ADS Securities, the Abu Dhabi-based forex and commodities trading firm, which is approaching its first anniversary. By any measure, the firm has had a successful twelve months of operation. I was convincing people in an office the size of this couch. People thought we were being completely unrealistic. ADS Securities into an economic force’ from the corner of an office?

No-one is calling him or ADS Securities crazy now. The immediate impression one gets from a meeting with Ghanem, an expressive, personable Swiss Lebanese who sits behind the requisite bank of trading screens, is that his work has barely begun. So why is he so confident? Because this is a very lucrative business, and if you put yourself on the right track, you can make a lot of money.