Forex trader conference

A huge forex trader conference, product showcases and seminars that allow you to discover the latest technology, across quant, automated trading, exchange technology, big data and HPC. Keynotes, interactive discussions and roundtables designed to tackle the most important challenges facing the trading industry. This is the perfect platform to generate new leads, create brand awareness and launch new products.

No other marketing gets you in a room with so many potential customers looking for suppliers. If you want to do business with the CTO of an automated trading firm, the head of quantitative analysis of a leading bank, the head of a global exchange, the global head of derivatives from a leading fund manager or the Chief Data Officer of a financial institution, you cannot miss this event! Join the ITC Group to network with other attendees to keep in touch! ITC Photos and Video Get a feel of the atmosphere of the FXstreet. International Traders Conference 2009 with this short video. Here is what some of the FXstreet.

I have attended the ITC for the past 2 events and I believe that it offers genuine value for money. The groups for live trading  are very small which allows to you to learn almost one on one with industry experts. I cannot think of anywhere else where this is available. I have participated to the ITC from the first venue up to the most recent. This says a lot about my liking for a venue like that. I have no relationship whatsoever with the organizers so the decision to come from my country and attend was merely based on the merits that I receive towards my strive to become a better trader.

The atmosphere, the organizers and the speakers have always been exceptional. I went the first year and then thought that I might not go again cause I had a lot of information to digest. But likely each year has been so different, especially  the info that you can implement to your trading. For me the motivational aspect of the itc is the biggest  bonus as you get to meet with very interesting people and exchange ideas and cultures from all over the world! The way the itc is organized  is unique on how you learn,  interact,  meet  and talk to speakers. All the concepts covered are immediately analyzed and applied during the live trading sessions.