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Following is the 2017 calendar for meetings by central bank committees that decide monetary policy. The table includes scheduled meetings for more than 40 of the world’s central banks. In the event that meetings by monetary policy committees take place over several days, the date listed below is for the final day when decisions are normally announced. Readers forex rate national bank pakistan encouraged to regularly check this page for updates.

The calendar is updated regularly to reflect the latest information as some central banks have yet to release their meeting schedule for 2017. Other central banks only release tentative schedules for the year and then finalize the calendar as the meeting nears. Other central banks only announce monetary policy meetings shortly before they are held while some central banks don’t announce when a review of monetary policy will be held. Work is underway to expand the number of central banks covered, including expanding the existing inflation targets table, and global interest rates table. You may replicate the table in part or in full only if you link to this page.

Central Bank of the Dominican Rep. Central Bank News makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information above at the time of publication. However, as schedules and bank policies change, we cannot guarantee its accuracy but update the table when new information becomes available. If you have any corrections, please contact us. You may replicate the table above in full but under the strict condition that you cite Central Bank News as the source, and if online, provide a link back to www. Great information, but why take down the past dates? Some of us like to do historical research!

It’s one of those decisions where you try to balance some readers’ interest in upcoming events versus those doing research. I’ll email you the entire 2015 calendar. Could you please provide the 2016 meeting dates. The 2016 calendar is normally first published in late December but given your interest I will publish a calendar in early December. June 7th, RBI Meet is there. Yes, the PBOC meets but it doesn’t publish a schedule of meetings.

When 2017 calendars will be available? The 2017 calendar will be published towards the end of December. Please publish the meeting dates for the PBOC as well as the central banks of Taiwan and Denmark. Thanks for your suggestions but I’m afraid the Danish central bank has no fixed meeting schedule – they often change rates in the wake of the ECB to maintain the FX peg – and neither Taiwan nor the PBOC publish meetings schedules in advance. I’m with Rani, here, looking for 2018 dates.