Forex platform range bars

I’m currently trading Woodie CCI system – forex platform range bars provides a TOTALLY free consultation live in order to help traders, Relocate. It uses range bar chart with Woodie CCI indicator. However, the Range Bar chart may have some problem and we need someone to come out with a reliable one. Your help will be appreciated by all traders in Woodie CCI Club.

You have to try on live chart, for example ES during the peak period where the chart updating is going crazy, another problem is the size of the bar is not constant. One of the biggest advantage of using Range Bar chart is that it filter all the slow moving period where price only move with a very small range. Range bars offered by MQL Service. Hi Mart, You have to try on live chart, for example ES during the peak period where the chart updating is going crazy, another problem is the size of the bar is not constant.

I’m offering range bars script too. Woodies web-site, right one is mine. Moreover, my time of bars is set OK. It corresponds to actual time when a bar was created.

This range bar script from MQL is really nice. Chart on the left is to days cable on 15 mins and the right one is 20 point range bars. Just look how the CCI now reacts, no wonder all the woodie people have moved to range bars. Please compare attached pictures, left one is form Woodies web-site, right one is mine. Damn, Mart, you know i’m very old and i see nothing on your pictures ! Use the attachments feature when you make a post.

And can you upload this script from metatrader please ? It is in the shop section. It is not free, sorry, but not expensive either, covers one lunch for me and life time support for you. Anthow I zipped up a BIG 4 day picture for you. I cant upload the script as you buy it from MQL.

Information The requested topic does not exist. FXCM does not endorse any product or service of Gehtsoft USA LLC. Nothing associated with this promotion shall be considered a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell any product or service to any person in any jurisdiction where such offer, solicitation, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the laws or regulations of such jurisdiction. It is one of the best mt4 indicators that can be found for Forex trading today. The profit that you can generate with Range bar indicator is amazing. Here is a Free Range Bar trading system. Plain candlesticks based strictly on time.

In general, trading systems, particularly mechanical trading system are guided by the closure of the bar entrance and carry on the closing price. Range bars Forex strategies are proven to be profitable by many traders around the World. To trade a range bar strategy you have to wait for a range bars formations on on your chart. Strong signal to open a trade is a breakout of a top bar. Advantages of Trading with Range Bars 1. This is because the range bars are of equal size on every chart.

The triggers of the pattern remain the same as those in the time bars. The common practice is waiting until the close of the bar and then a new bar begins. This helps the traders to pin point the sell or buy stops ahead of the time allowing the trader will get a better position. With the Range Bars, the traders are still very capable of using their most favorite indicators.

There is no requirement to changing the setups with your favorite indicator. The traders are capable of making fewer trades. This means that the trader will make larger trades, improve the reward to risk ratio. The traders are capable of knowing where the Range Bars bottom or top is. This allows the trader to easily sell or buy orders ahead of the time and this in turn, enables the trader to be early first into a trade. You can very easily use the stop orders to enter a trade on the reason that you are very aware where the bottom or top is most likely going to be.