Forex net trap system any good

Trade this stock for as low as 0. MYR has strengthened substantially in the last few months. PE ex cash, latitud is forex net trap system any good to look incredibly cheap. I disagree that historical earnings should be ignored entirely.

The historical earnings is a short summary of their customer profiles and production capability, and the customer relationships which although may have changed due to a new competitor giving a cheaper price, but the relationship can be potentially reactivated again if the circumstances is valid. Past earning also reflects the income generation capacity. A company that does 10m in sales cannot realistically ramp up to 50m sales in 1 quarter, but a company that did make 50m in sales, while dropping to 40m still have the base production capability intact to go back up to 50m. Latitude uses a sort of natural hedge where they pay their vendor in USD as well, so the forex drop will not hurt as much vs others.