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UT was unusally keen to sell them. It’s becoming quite a thin market. LMI closed at 39p in the red. Can anyone enlighten me as to the significance of these two RNS? LMI SP holding up well given where SGL is trading today. I can’t see the logic in reducing his exposure to production at the best quality asset in his portfolio, in order to invest it in further downstream assets and staff benefits at one of the lowest quality PGM operations available to him. He’s moving revenues from his US assets to South Africa, which goes against what he was saying he would do up to about August last year.

Its interesting how he is betting so heavily on platinum to increase. Whatamess: if he’s right and platinum performs better than gold or palladium from here, more power to his elbow. I don’t have a view on this, gave up predicting the platinum price years ago. As I understand these deals, he’s taken on debt at a cheaper effective interest rate than he might have got from a bank, at the price of restricting the upside to Sibanye in some of the Stillwater metals. Seems like a smart move, platinum is excluded, what’s your take on this ? This is more detail re the streaming deal and is quite interesting.