Forex lovers only tour

As the forex lovers only tour sounds controversial, before we begin we would like to tell that every information in this article is sourced. The article was written after a detail analysis of various sources. All the relevant and immediate sources are listed at the end of the Article.

Before 1971, Bangladesh used to be a part of Pakistan as East Pakistan. Bengalis in East Pakistan also resisted the adoption of Urdu as the state language. Pakistani army started its operation in East Pakistan to contain the movement and anger among the Bengalis. It is reported that the army was involved in mass killing of public and mass rape of women. India was aware of this and was only waiting for a trigger to start the war. India started receiving huge number of refugees which became unmanageable, pushing it to intervene in the situation. The situation soon attracted the attention of many other countries.

East Bengal’ and the flood of refugees, burdening India. By God, we will cut off economic aid . US sympathized with Pakistan, because of various reasons. US believed any victory of India will be considered as the expansion of Soviet influence in the parts gained by India with the victory, as it was believed to be a pro Soviet nation, even though they were non aligned.