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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Lets hope for the best,very strong Balance Sheet appears last 2 days drop was due to J P Morgan reducing there target price to 1350 from memory. Should see the gold price rise in the next week if this continues. Zero Hedge article on Silver – positive! Could the market be forward looking and will silver outperform Au in the short term?

Why the sudden rise in silver mines after a long period of being in the doldrums? Manys thanks for the link, good news from Goldman Sachs 1550 would be ideal. Well I don’t preach to any choir, these boards are pretty quiet most of the time but I post here and there where I am invested. I was simply pointing out the differences in dividend yield despite being a shareholder.

Having the worlds largest silver producer in your portfolio is entirely justified for reasons other than the dividend yield. I don’t think it’s ramping to point out Ved Plc goes ex-dividend today with a yield of around 7. But it appeared to me that you were encouraging folk to buy VED on the basis that if they bought on Tues 20th they would get a decent divi. It appeared to me to be ramping – which is why I posted. True enough Vedanta Resources go ex div in July, still a much better yield than FRES.

VED MAY go ex dividend tomorrow”. MAY being the operative being the operative word! VED go ex dividend in July! I would imagine dividend chasers are more likely to jump into RRS which would net about 2. FRES which is yielding just 1. Neither of these two are my preferred dividend plays though, there are much more lucrative options. I would normally consider as a hedge when global optimism takes a hit.

HGM up from a 140 low to 153 yesterday, FRES up from 1185 to 1238. 2018 and probably much of 2019. Gold prices rebounded on Friday, bouncing off a two-month low as news of U. Comex gold futures were up 1. 3 a troy ounce by 02:25 a. The move sparked concerns over potential trade wars, which would have a negative impact on the U. The news overshadowed positive remarks by Federal Reserve Chair Powell, who told the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday that there was no evidence the U.

Two days earlier, the Fed president had reiterated that the U. Separately, New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley said on Thursday that four interest-rate hikes this year would constitute a “gradual” tightening. 24, off Thursday’s six-week peak of 90. Gold is sensitive to moves in both U. A weaker dollar makes gold less expensive for holders of foreign currency, while a rise in U. Elsewhere on the Comex, silver futures jumped 1.