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The people who bought these voluntary carbon credits found that they are extremely difficult to sell. And 500 people now want to know what they forex brokers with offices in nigeria forex brokers with offices in nigeria nigerian outside wife do in order to get their money back.

Some of them have commented forex brokers with offices in nigeria africa REDD-Monitor asking this question. MH Carbon appointed Parker Andrews, a company based in Norwich, to deal with the liquidation process. On 13 May 2013, REDD-Monitor wrote to Parker Andrews to ask what the implications of the liquidation are for people who bought carbon credits from MH Carbon. REDD-Monitor recommends that anyone who bought carbon credits from MH Carbon should contact Lawrence Williams at Parker Andrews. You would only buy voluntary carbon credits to offset your carbon foot print. Parker Andrews will assist with placing the Company into liquidation and this is expected to happen by the end of May 2013. There are no known assets in the Company and so no dividend to creditors is expected.

2 I have invested in Carbon Credits. Will I get my money back? As an investor, you will have purchased Carbon Credits and these credits are still yours to keep or trade. Your Carbon Credits will continue to be registered with the various Central Project databases worldwide. You have the right to sell your carbon credits through an alternative broker. 4 I feel I am a victim of mis-selling.

Parker Andrews already holds details of all customers, transactions and the salesperson who brokered each deal, and so these details need not be included. Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. We have established an Official Representative Office in Nigeria in order to establish a closer, more personal and local touch to the region. At FXTM Nigeria, our goal is to provide Nigerian traders with world-class trading software, education and customer service.

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Methods to potentially increase the return of your forex trades. Forex brokers with offices in nigeria what is bta18. This paper will examine the existing BDC products in the light of all existing operating guidelines in the Nigerian Foreign Exchange Market. It will then elucidate the international context and forex brokers with offices in nigeria what is bta future of the sub-sector. Designing a financial service product requires a deep knowledge of the operating system.