Forex astro cycles

CHF and Gold AstroFX, Provides Forex signals to online traders through Email, those signals are generated from our in-house forex astro cycles. Our System based on an Astrology Cycle Model. CHF and Gold You will receive very precise information on which steps to take. Harmonics across Octaves A force can create Harmonics at lower and higher Octaves of frequencies, just like the same patterns can be seen on many scales in Nature.

Or any Force declines exponentially with its squared distance. Elliott Wave and Harmonics Harmonics can easily be detected in the US Markets with charts of progressively larger intervals or octaves. The charts of one year, 10 years and 100 years use the power of 10 since the decennial pattern is significant enough to already be recognized as useful. Just as expected, we do see a similar repeating waveform across all three Octaves. The waveform typically shows weakness near the first and second third of the chart. Dow pattern across a year The pattern in the Dow Industrials does not show as much Spring weakness as expected, but the Dow Utilities show the pattern quite well.

The Fall decline is present as expected in most charts. Dow pattern across a Decade As you can see, the composite data since 1897 shows weakness around the second and seventh year. This is 5 years between lows and shows a 5 year cycle harmonic as well that is probably shifted a bit into the well known 4 year Election cycle. Dow pattern across a Century The Dow chart of the last Century does show this pattern of weakness near the thirds with lows in 1932 and 1974 or 42 years apart which itself is between the 10th Harmonic of the 4 year Election and 5 year cycle discussed above. As is common with all patterns, they are rarely exact but give a general idea of the likely direction in the future.

Dow pattern across a Millennium While we do not have data to easily see a pattern across a Millennium, we do have enough data to know that the South Sea Bubble occurred in the expected second third of the Millennium. The first third of the Millennium was marked by the Black Plague which decimated the economies of the world and certainly caused a drop in asset prices. Who’s online There are currently 12 users online. Submitted by User on March 2, 2009 – 15:57. I have spent a considerable time studying your strategies and i would like to share with everyone what i have taken and now apply to my trading.

Submitted by Lino on March 8, 2009 – 00:56. Yes you are correct, for long positions the MACD must cross from negative to positive, for short positions the MACD must cross from positive to negative. Thank you for the attachment, have you noticed the 1-2-3 setup once the MACD crossed 0 in there examples? I shall have a look at the RSI trendline concept.