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The refinance rate is font logo interbank forex rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus which is a basic instrument of the interest rates level regulation in the money market and a basis for setting interest rates on the operations involving liquidity provision to banks. Later value of refinancing rate cancels the previous one. Regulatory legal acts on the issues related to the implementation of Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus No.

National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. ICBC Internet Banking has enjoyed a robust growth and phenomenal results over the past few years of rapid development. Home” on Nov 23, 2003, the next-generation ICBC Online Banking for individual customer. ICBC Corporate Internet Banking was officially launched on Feb. 1, 2000 in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin starting first time ever in China the banking services for corporate clients through internet.

2004, ICBC expanded the E-banking service to small and medium enterprises . ICBC e Payment was upgraded fully unifying account system, mobile phone numbers, payment limit and safety certification and enabling flexible adjustment of them. With simplified enabling process, ICBC e Payment can be enabled for more than one account via the personal internet banking and mobile banking channels. Besides, the monthly payment limit control of RMB50,000 was added. ICBC e investment customer transaction terminal. A transaction terminal exclusive for ICBC e Payment was introduced for individual investors enabling quotation inquiry and trading of paper crude oil, paper precious metals and Accrual Gold, to further satisfy your independent and specialized trading requirements. You can download and install this terminal through ICBC portal and personal internet banking, and use it in win7 or win8 PCs.

Personal internet banking was optimized by canceling the personalized version and adding the compact version. Besides, customers can freely shift between the compact version and the standard version. Based on customers’ transaction habits, the compact version integrates common function menus. Corporate internet banking: corporate internet banking quick loan. Trade Express under ICBC Cash Management.

B2B bulk commodity trading markets and their corporate members. ICBC Messenger service can be accepted through the mobile phone banking clients now. After successful login, customers can check all the function menus. Remittance and Customer Service functions to further enhance user experience.