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Introduction I have only one short hour a day for math instruction and at third and fourth grade much of the time is used to teach algorithms and solving problems. Admittedly, I often prioritize teaching algorithms and steps so that children have the necessary skills to solve problems so that we can move forward onto new material. Teaching problem solving methods is satisfying. I teach in a third and fourth grade classroom at Westcott Elementary in Chicago, IL.

The students are in my classroom for both third and fourth grade. Westcott consists of ninety-nine percent African-American students. Additionally, one hundred percent are classified as low-income families and qualify for free lunch. The school’s population is transient due to housing and income based issues.

These two factors also affect attendance and student performance. Objectives This unit is intended for teachers of third and fourth grade, and emphasizes the teaching of place value concepts and grade level skills in operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication. The unit will be presented in four parts. It can be taught in full or by section based on need. My goal for this unit is to strengthen students’ understandings of place value concepts through the instruction of multidigit addition, subtraction and multiplication. Background Place Value The place value system is decimal notation.