Exential group forex peace army

I have common sense to understand “higher returns, means higher risk”. I was aware I may run into a loss. All the clients who have filed exential group forex peace army and cases looking to dump the responsibility of their decisions on EG. Who makes investments without evaluating the risks ?

Losing out in forex is one thing, losing from a possible fraudster is another. What do you call a business partner who does not honor his end of the deal? Victims didn’t file a case against EG because of their incompetence in trading. The statements from EG never showed such thing as they kept reporting gains. The victims filed cases because they don’t get their monthly profits nor their principals back. The smart ones would have known better than to risk money with Exential. It raised lots of Ponzi flags.

Great idea to get old clients to return their profits to fund the loses made by clients who joined in 2015. But seriously, if the Government uses the National to post any announcement, I might think it’s a fraud, considering the recent lie about the 007 BMW. I actually meant that you guys are lucky because, although your sister lost money, you gained something something in exchange. The fates have ensured that somehow your family was compensated in the ordeal. There is a difference between “fake news” and “ponzi”.

Newspapers can be guilty of fake news. Happens a lot in the world today. Ponzi on the other hand pertains to a fraudulent investment scheme that uses entry fees of later participants to pay off profits to earlier ones. Are you talking about recovering the amazing 15million found all over the world ? Seriously, 80 something clients with Carlton for this case ?