ECB Decision Day: Hawkish Or Dovish Taper Mr Draghi?

Dear Traders,

It’s decision day at the European Central Bank and traders in all EUR crosses brace for heightened volatility at this highly anticipated event that will bring forth news on the pace of the ECB’s quantitative easing program (QE). The euro traded higher against the U.S. dollar ahead of today’s announcement since the ECB is expected to announce a reduction in the size of its monthly bond buying. While this expectation alone is considered euro-positive, the devil is in the details. There are a number of possible scenarios while the best (but most unlikely) scenario for the euro would be a reduction of EUR40 billion bonds buys until September 2018. The most likely scenario is however a taper of 30 billion euros with a nine-month extension of the QE program. Since the latter scenario is already largely priced in the euro’s price development, the risk is tilted to the downside if the ECB fails to surprise the market. Bearing in mind that ECB policy makers want to avoid a too str

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