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I have a question, can I import external charts to analyze in mt4 platform? Hi All, i am looking for an indicator that provide for exemple, tick value for EURUSD for exemple, easy profit forex review dot a GBPUSD chart.

Is there a way that an indicator can remove itself? I remember for mql4 – but mql5 it does not – do I have to force a division by zero or an invalid array access? Weinvite all of you to make your contribution to this development. Thenew MQL5is the evolutionary continuation of MQL4. I’m having a little loss right now, but I think I’ll close the deal with profit. BIGGEST PROBLEM, Can anyone solve it ? But why in the world is it nearly impossible to do it perfectly for every currency pair and stock?

Hey, The title has it all, Is this possible? 1 of position opening, I receive this message before, closing the signal position opened in the previous day. Here is the messages I have found in the logs: 1 10:08:06. Im new, How to use EA ? True Scalper EA MT5 Deatail:  Im using MT5.

Symbol chart window : EURUSD True Scalper EA MT5 8. 217irr mentioned about it here but I did not understand it in that time. This strategy is very good for the beginners and I started my forex with this strategy some years ago. 174756 and new set of this system from this post. What drawdown are you comfortable with ? Hi everyone, I’ve been manually trading for a while and I’d like to start trading by Expert Advisor using moving averages cross.