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See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. I can’t be bothered reading all the under-bridge dwellers who power their vacuous observations with bile from their own investment mistakes that they are unable or unwilling to face up to. Reminds of bitter old men shouting at the neighbourhood kids to ‘Get off my property’!

Couldn’t be bothered wasting my time scrutinizing accounts and as for all you cheerleaders and San Leon apologists,nobody is buying any more ,the recent spike in the SP is temporary and reminds me of an outfit run by a former stockbroker that thinks he’s a CEO of a large oil producer. Well it certainly looks like we have not had all of this quarters payment by the time the accounts were drawn up on 28Th. 30 mill as cash in hand by the end of next week—what a way to start a new financial year. 14 mill of “spare cash” sitting in the bank. MMs are there to make the market work. Since I’m sure that you have doomsday-ed non-payment multiple times in the past, how does that fit into to your perfect prediction record narrative in your imagination? NOT be a going concern risk.

As for Suntrust, not only does this section not refer to their ‘claim’ against the company, but that ‘claim’ is not mentioned anywhere in today’s release that I could see. Personally I think San Leon will come through that one. No one’s forcing you to read Blackswan’s posts. Searcher – Thanks excellent idea – I’m off for a swim! Sorry folks to bore everybody with all these rants but it does make me feel better after six years or so of being with SLE – personally I don’t see any immediate future for the company recovery – goodness knows why the share price is rising today MM games again I presume – I will remain a shareholder since the paltry sum I would get from what is left of my share valuation isn’t worth cashing in – who knows OF might still pull a rabbit out of the hat? I still can’t get my mind around the last two lines of this extract below as to what it actually means?

8 million will be paid on behalf of MLPL by the end of June 2018, will enable the Group and Company to continue as a going concern. Morocco – SLE more payouts jeez? San Leon to take control of the bank guarantee on Zag and to request a further payment for work not performed. Non-rig workovers performed during 2017 continued to proceed less quickly than expected due primarily to downhole challenges. San Leon’s senior operational manager now seconded into Eroton. Judging by the continuation of this baseless negative drivel, that the big orders are still being filled even into this rise.

The Company is now in a strong financial position, with the benefit of an expected regular future income stream from its ongoing quarterly Loan Notes repayments. The Company has applied for entry into the appraisal period of its offshore Duressi asset in Albania, for which a farm out is sought. Can’t keep a good dog down so they say and where is the money coming from for this adventure? Any future payments of dividends by Eroton to Martwestern and from Martwestern to MLPL, after settlement of MLPL’s Loan Notes obligations, will enable MLPL to pay dividends to its shareholders including San Leon.

OF really sneaks in the wording? A facility is available as contingency to enable the Company to fulfil its cash flow requirements. 25 million from Shard Capital Limited and Shard Capital Management Limited at the discretion of the lender. 4 million of principal and interest outstanding and payable as of 28 June 2018. As you well know, slinky is a serial ramper across every board there is, rarely missed more than a day in the last 5 years, and he has posted under the new format on iii so is quite happy to “spread the word” there. His new false ID on ADVFN is 3links, started on 18th June.