Day trading forex signals

You have no items in your cart. For those of you who are not familiar with us — we are Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg, currency experts who appear regularly on CNBC and offer daily views on the forex market for the global financial press. We follow forex like a hawk 18 hours a day and understand the day trading forex signals to day frustration and the exhilaration of day trading the world’s biggest financial market.

Collectively, we have over 30 years of experience in trading everything from stocks to options to futures and FX. Although some analysts focus strictly on fundamentals while others only look at the charts, we believe that in order properly trade the forex market you need a fully informed 360 degree view of the action. At BKForex our edge is combining Fundamentals with Technicals and Sentiment to select the highest probability trading opportunities for you. How Can We Help You Succeed?

Trading currencies is hard and let’s face it — you don’t have the time to follow every squiggle in price, every news release or every comment that can affect your trade. That’s why we developed an easy to use, highly refined approach to trading the forex market that allows you to participate in the major currency moves without being overwhelmed by the thousand little details of trading. By acting as your eyes and ears on the market we help you select the most promising trading ideas. We’ve developed a system that allows you to preset your trades and then once they trigger, to comfortably manage them at your leisure. Android APP, email and are posted on our private Trade Dashboard. The Easy Way to Trade Trend All of our trade recommendations are sent as entry orders. This not only allows us to position ourselves in the direction of where the prices are moving, but also provides you with ample time to place your orders and go about your regular daily life, instead of being chained to the screen.