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Once you have got answers for all the above questions, the next immediate thing to think about cox and kings forex card india VISA. As we all know, VISA is an official permission granted by the government of any country for a foreigner who wishes to enter, stay or exit a country. Of all the 50 countries in Europe, 26 countries have bound themselves to a Schengen Agreement. Schengen countries thus abolishing the internal border controls, imparting a feeling of one big single country.

US VISA, Schengen VISA is a blessing in disguise, but there are some things to take care while applying a Schengen VISA to make sure your application doesn’t get rejected. I did extensive research while applying my Schengen VISA with the port of entry as Italy. I shall pour out my 2 bits of knowledge on Schengen VISA for Italy. How to get Italy Visa from India? As a first timer for applying Schengen VISA Italy from India, this website, though detailed and precise, left me lurking for more details. Went to a couple of VISA Agents but ended up applying Schengen VISA on my own! Trust me, it isn’t as difficult as it seems in the beginning.

If you are not very old or you are fit enough to travel, then I have a strong feeling that you are going to bookmark this post for your future reference. You will realize this once you are back from your Europe tour and you will crave for more! This post is for complete Schengen VISA noobs. Itinerary: Chalk out your itinerary first. This is the backbone of your vacation. Do a precise and practical planning of where to touch down and from where to take off. First list down all the places you’d like to see.