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6r returns when all the productive factors are increased or decreased- simultaneously and in the same ratio. In other words, in returns to scale, we analyse the effect of doubling, trebling, returns to scale definition investopedia forex, and so on of all the constant returns to scale investopedia forex of productive resources on the output of the product. But actually this is not so. Similarly, when we increase the scale, i.

In other words, there are three distinct phases of, or stages in, the behavior of the marginal product. A’ stands for Acres of land. In the above table, we see that at the outset when we employ one worker on three acres, of land, the total product is 2 quintals. 5 quintals to 9 quintals—the increase this time being 4 quintals as against 3 in the previous case. In other words, the returns to scale have been increasing. In the above table at Serial No. 9 the marginal product or return falls to only two quintals.

Now we may try to explain why we get the above-mentioned three phases or stages, i. The chief reason of this kind of behaviour is that when, in the beginning, the scale of production is increased, increased division of labour becomes possible and is adopted and, as a result thereof, output increases rather rapidly. In the above table, when there is only one worker working on three acres of land, there is no scope for division of labour. When there are two workers instead and six acres of land, i. 18558791″,”qtitle”:”What is the meaning of Constant returns to scale? What is the meaning of Constant returns to scale? Would you like to merge this question into it?

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