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Lance “le doper” Armstrongno one in the US cares. Stage 9 will include the Roubaix Cobblestones27 km? 12hrswho best forex broker uk 2012 have the strongest heart in 2018. Just Try and find it to watch.

SNL we hate Trump version of comedy. As President Barack Obama’s first year in office draws near its end, comedy shows have clearly started taking off the kid gloves when dealing him. Or if i may expand on that a little then civil meltdown or civil war or simply vagabonds running up and down throwing things everywhere, things like a lotta lawsuits, probes and stuff like that. Besides existing macro trends are not sustainable because then if the markets run flat then we just may have increased chances for wars to break out.

Not necessarily invasions etc but wars nevertheless trade wars, tarrif wars. The status quo may just as well go belly-up. The main stream economists fear their lashings Besides they dont really stand a chance against real money if the real money folks decide on ‘their other options’. NOTE: not one mainstream economist is predicting your kind crash and darkness.

Which – naturally – does not mean that u , nor they, are wrong. Only that both r right until proven otherwise. Not recession but another war This time trading partners just may and i say just may partly boycott the US economy. Hence if they have snubbed their neighbours then those neighbours may naturally form deeper trade links with the other asian economies. The US will be in those meetings but will not benefit really, this may force the asians to simply dump dollar in favor of other more profitable alternatives. US economy heading into recession .